Saturday 14 December 2013

Starting over? Ways to wear a teeny weeny 'fro (twa)/low cut

When dealing with damaged hair, sometimes, it is best to start afresh... from the beginning. I have received a number of emails from women who tired of trying to mask and hide breakage decided to cut it all off and start again. While cutting your hair short can be scary for some, a lot of women have found it to be quite liberating. For those who for whatever reason have decided to take the plunge here are a few ways to rock a twa... Starting with the infinitely beautiful Lupita Nyong'o


Flawless makeup, Bold colors, perfectly arched brows and a great pair of earrings!

Have fun with color. 
To prevent breakage try natural dyes like henna or peroxide free temporary dyes.

      Photo: Preface agency

Using a rattail comb and some gel or beeswax, add texture to your hair with comb coils

Last but by no means the least: Pull out your favorite ankara scarf and wrap it up.

Is your hair short? What are your favorite ways to wear a twa (or 'low cut' as some of us call it ;) ? Let us know in the comments.

Here is to new beginnings as the year draws to a close and we head into potentially amazing year. 

Have a great weekend lovelies!



  1. My hair is short, and I'm currently hopeless at wearing a twa. Wish I could wear my hair like that without having to braid it, but, I'm not that brave :(

  2. Hallo Bassey,
    I have read through your blog and I have found it quite inspiring.

    I used to have long hair (not waist length) but at least bra strap length until I got into the hands of a "scissors happy stylist" as you rightly called it, and now my hair is like chin or shoulder length, I'm too broken hearted to even check.

    Recently( about 2 months ago) i noticed my hair had started to break when i combed it, so i checked online and was advised to stay away from heat and i did a "mayonnaise and egg" conditioning. After the conditioning, I noticed that my hair gained more volume but was still breaking so i decided to sew on weaves and just forget about the hair. That is what i have done for the past 2 months, remove the weaves every 2 weeks, wash and re-sew.

    I took out my weaves on 2 days ago and relaxed my hair with a touch-up relaxer, so my hair did not totally straighten which was fine by me, although my stylist warned me never to step into his salon with that relaxer again. hahaa! Apparently it gave him too much stress. Anyway so imagine my joy when I saw the part where you talked about texlaxing, it felt like I had started my journey to regrowing my hair without even knowing.

    Now I have decided and I am determined to take my hair back to her former glory. So i have a couple of questions...
    1. Do u co-wash your hair while it is in cornrows?
    2. Do you always wear cornrows under your lace wigs?
    3. When you don"t have cornrows under your lace wig, what do you do to your hair?
    4. When you do you LOC treatment, do you plait your hair immediately or do you let it dry out first?
    5. All of a sudden, i have short front hair and back hair, what do you advice i do about it?

  3. Hi ! and Happy New Year Lovely ! I do like the Solange style outfit and hairstyle too, the scarf is an incredible alternative to wear your hair differently ! I have posted my hair routine recently if you are interessed !



  4. You said you were back to regular posting... Err still waiting.

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  9. Lupita Nyong'o is gorgeous, I love her hair style

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