Thursday 14 November 2013

Winterproof (harmattan proof) your hair

If you are on a hair journey and happen to be in North America/Europe or West Africa, this is battle season! In the former the cold dry winter is fast approaching and in the latter, the harmattan winds are slowly but surely making way to your shores! These seasons are characterized by dryness that can wreak havoc on your tresses. You haven't retained your length all these months to have your hair dry out and break off due to the weather. Here are 5 ways to help your hair beat the dryness:

- Deep condition
Be sure to deep condition your hair once a week during this season. Deep conditioning helps retain
water within the shaft of your hair where it is most needed to keep the hair supple and less likely to snap when manipulated.

- Moisturize and seal
Moisturizing and sealing is crucial. The harmattan winds will dry out your hair
in a matter of minutes if you do not properly seal in your moisture with an oil. Every night
I use a spray bottle to slightly dampen my hair, apply some moisturizer (currently using Qhemets biologics amla and olive cream) then seal with olive oil.

- Protect
Protecting your hair will limit exposure to the dry weather and reduce manipulation
which is a key cause of breakage. I would typically wear my hair in a bun, flat twists
or a wig. At night, I tie my head in a silk/satin scarf before going to bed.

My sister and I protective styling with flat twists

- Diet
Incorporate seafood, nuts, beans, poultry and green veggies in your diet to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to create strong healthy strands.

- TLC when manipulating
When manipulating your hair whether combing, twisting, washing etc be sure to treat your hair like you will treat a fine silk blouse. Use a wide tooth comb and make sure to detangle gently.

Goodluck getting through 'battle' season. Have you winter/harmattan proofed your regimen? What changes will you be making to your regimen this season?



  1. Yaaaay! You are back. Was worried about your absence. I am not a picture person because I am super busy but I would like to thank you for the major improvement of my hair. Infact I was glowing the last time I was at the salon and the ladies kept going on about my hair. Idon't stick a 100% to all your tips but the most I did really helped. I now texlax once in 3 months cos my hair is thin,my spray bottle with water and a bit of glycerine is never far away and I use shea butter and natural hair oils. The summary of my ramblings is thanks.Looking forward to more tips/advice

    1. Hi Adaorah,
      I am so glad you are seeing results. That is awesome! I've been super busy, but I am back now and plan to write more regularly. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for the nice and amazing information regarding the hair protection.I really like this information so much .

  3. Welcome back. Hope you write regularly.

  4. Welcome baaaaaaaaack!!!!!

  5. In some places the winter is already there and it is really cold lately i am having problem with my hair and many thanks that you share some guidelines for having an healthy hair even in winter.

  6. Welcome back! You and your sister look alike, are you twins?

  7. Wow you have a twin!! cute. I'm looking up to you, my hair is about 13inches long, one day one day it will be as long as yours

  8. My sis and i just started taking care of our hair this month when i googled for sites on hair care..we stopped using extensions and attachments and focused on making our hair healthy first..we got good conditioners, olive oil, even castor oil! lol and we take turns to do protective braids for ourselves and i must say your tips have helped us. within one month i can see the difference already. Thanks alot.

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