Saturday 10 September 2016

Healthy hair trends for Fall 2016

Summer is almost over and as the leaves start falling and the temperature drops, those of us on a healthy hair journey know it's time to start rocking those protective styles that tuck in our ends and keep them safe and unaffected by the wind and cold.

Here are some semi protective hairstyles that are trending this season.

Top knots and low buns:

Buns, puffs and top knots are go to styles for naturals and relaxed girls alike. Particularly those who want to protect their ends from the elements while looking put together and stylish. Here are two quick and easy styles in this category:

Nicole Melton's top knot
Click here to see a tutorial on Nicole Melton's stunning natural hair top knot

My natural sista's Low faux bun

 For a step by step tutorial on how to achieve "My Natural Sista's" classic bun, click here 

Braids and senegalese twists:

Even though braids are not fully protective as your ends are not covered, they are considered a low manipulation style. The lack of a need to comb, brush, pull, tug and otherwise manipulate the hair helps prevent the ends from being ripped, drying out and ultimately breaking off.

Box Braids
Sengalese twists

Box braids and senegalese twists are perfect for the fall, especially for those of you who are busy with school/work/kids and want to significantly cut down your daily hair styling time.

Wigs and Weaves:

Last but certainly not the least are wigs and weaves.  These options when applied properly can help protect your hair, minimize breakage and maximize length retention. You can go with a texture that is close to your natural hair or opt for something a little more dramatic.

Jessica opts for a sleek, straight bob
Brandy wears a natural hair textured wig

There are many variations of the styles listed. By playing with length, colour and accessories the possibilities are endless. So go ahead, pick a style, make it yours and head into Fall 2016 in style!


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