Thursday 4 October 2012

Stretching my relaxer.... 8 months!

Ok, so I have not relaxed my hair in about 8 months. It hasn't been that difficult considering the fact that I have been protective styling and haven't actually worn my hair out in the entire 8 months. I recently took out the cornrows I'd been wearing for about 3 weeks and came face to face with  4 inches of thick, coarse, kinky new growth.

I plan to get my relaxer this week. In the meantime I am wearing mostly buns. I have to keep manipulation as low as possible because  the line of demarcation (where the new growth meets the relaxed growth) is susceptible to breakage. Here are some styles I am wearing:

My high bun

Front flat twists and bun

Excuse the poor lighting and lack of what can I say, it was a lazy Sunday afternoon...



  1. This is so much encouragement. I'm definitely trying this. Pls suggest some products one may use as i have already had my hair chopped off and been growing the natural hair (although without so much care) since september last year.

  2. do you relax your hair yourself

  3. Lies. No one gets 4 inches of growth in 3 weeks.

    1. omg u better read better next time..she said 8 months

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