Saturday 14 January 2012

I got my hair ombred...

So the ombre hair trend has been around for a while now and I know I am about a year late getting on this but I have to admit that when I first saw it I thought it looked like hugely overgrown roots and couldn't be bothered to try it. However, I am an equal opportunity hair trend experimenter so I did eventually try it out and I am soo loving it...

Drew Barrymore                  

Raven Symone

Khloe Kardashian

Me and my ombred hair
Ok, first, I really need to get a better camera. Second, as much as I wanted to try the ombre look you know I wasn't about the bleach my hair so I did the next best thing and hooked myself up with a custom ordered wig from rpgshow ( Specifications are: 1st 8inches color 1b, next 8 inches color 4 and the last 2 inches color 27.


  1. Its really lovely! I was about to scream when I saw your picture, I thought you actually bleached your ends Whew!! Saw the comment you left on my blog, tho its deleted now, I really don't brush the hair, I just use the brush to keep my roots in place and use the heat to straighten the roots. Thanks for stopping by, interesting things you've got here!!

    Dabs of

  2. Lol. I wouldn't dare put bleach in my hair. Well, at least not right now when I am trying to grow it out. Thanks girl.



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