Saturday 31 May 2014

Gain 1 inch in 1 week... The Inversion method

Hi Ladies!

We've heard about a host of the growth aids that are out there. The oral supplements (msm, biotin, hairfinity), topical options (Castor oil, essential oils like rosemary, lavender and sage), exercising, increasing your water intake, scalp massages etc. Well, just when you thought you knew it all, here comes another way to speed up hair growth: The inversion method.

As part of my fitness journey I took up yoga classes. Last week, we attempted a hand stand (Lets not go into how woeful my attempt was) and as is typical when a new pose is introduced, my instructor reeled out a list of benefits of the hand stand including its ability to increase hair growth by up to 1 inch in a week! Wait. What? Of course, this piqued my interest, so I got home and promptly started my research.

Here is how it works:

- Heat up a little bit of your preferred hair oil: Lots of people have had good results with olive, coconut or castor oil

- Apply to your scalp and massage for 2 mins

Massage the oil into your scalp for 2  mins

- Stand or sit in a position that inverts your head for 4 mins.

You can bend forward over your kitchen sink, stand in a down ward facing dog position, seat on the edge of a chair and bend forward... Whatever is most comfortable for you. Bearing in mind that you have to hold the position for 4 mins.

Stay in an inverted position for 4 minutes

- When straightening up make sure to do so slowly to avoid feeling light headed or dizzy.

- Repeat once a day for 7 days

Additional info:
-  The inversion method works by increasing blood circulation to the head and scalp which results in the availability of more nutrients to the follicles thereby stimulating growth

- Wait 3 weeks between each inversion period to prevent your body from  getting used to the increased circulation as this will decrease your results.

Inversion results from the blogosphere:

Simplyshanelly on instagram


Dessy GT on youtube:

See her video below

I am not sure how I feel about hanging upside down for 4 minutes but I do plan to try the inversion method in a few weeks. Will you try this method? What other grow aids are you using and what have your results been. Let me know in the comments below...



  1. Bassey pls hair keeps breakin n seems not to grow,I love long healthy hair n don't know wat to hair is relaxed,thinkin of going natural but heard its really expensive to maintain.urgent help thanks

    1. Well, your question is not referred to me but i just wanna make a suggestion. your hair is breaking bcos u are not taking proper care of it. Relaxed hair, Natural hair, it dont matter. they both require the same extent of care if you want your hair to be healty. dont give up, you can definitely have healthy hair, all it taes is doing the right things in the right way. mail me: lets talk :). happy to help.

    2. Hi Augusta,
      First off, I'm pretty certain that your hair is growing. I mean if your hair is relaxed and you see new growth a few weeks after, then your hair is growing. What is most likely happening is that your hair is breaking at the same rate at which it is growing and this is most likely due to one of the following reasons:
      - Dryness
      - Over manipulation
      - Chemical damage

      Dryness would be due to lack of moisture. So make sure you are moisturing your hair (with water... not oil or grease) at least once a week

      Over manipulation is primarily due to aggressive combing and styling. Make sure you are combing your hair gently.

      Chemical damage is just damage from relaxer or colour. When relaxing make sure you do not overlap the relaxer and also do not leave it in your hair for too long. I used to wash the relaxer out of my hair immediately after applying it but it varies from person to person deepening on how your hair responds to relaxers.

  2. Thanks a lot for this...would treat my hair wit better care now and give u feedbacks...

  3. I am so going to try this method, can't hurt anything for longer hair.

  4. This definitely worked for me. Laid my hands on some peppermint oil from & mixed it with castor oil. Followed the instructions and I got an inch within a week.

  5. Good stuff! That is definitely one hair loss treatment that is worthy of considering. I should take notes! It's good to know that we will never run out of ways to restore things that we lose, which in your case is your hair. Wishing you all the best!

    Byron Brewer @ Knight and Sanders

  6. Pls ds is off topic, wen choosing olive oil is it proper for me to choose goya olive oil, d conventional one we use for anionting oil

  7. !

    I started following you after reading about you in Bella Naija..I don't know if you remember me, I was the one that wrote on your blog after I washed my hair without putting it in sections and it came out in clumps :(

    I learnt my lesson, moved on and my hair was doing ok. I took my weave out last month ( after ages and ages) and after I relaxed it, I was so excited because I saw my hair had REALLY grown. I then decided to switch things up and start doing the hair regime religiously. So I bought a wig with the intention of washing my hair every week. My thinking was if I followed the regime better, my hair would grow even more.

    Everything was fine after the first time I washed it. My hair was healthy and strong and looking good. I didnt cane-row it but I just packed it to the back every day. Later I put it in cane-rows and after the second time I washed it, the hair started coming out in clumps. This has continued since then. I tried to think what I did differently but the only thing I could think of was I started using EVOO ( but then I stopped because I felt it made my hair dry) and the second time I washed it , I added . Also since the second time I washed it, the texture of my hair changed, it became really really dry and brittle and the water-spray seems to be able to hydrate it well.
    I even got paranoid that maybe someone put shaving cream in my shampoo because my hair strands look really thin and fragile. And I live with a witch...(literally not joking) and for the past month I've been walking around the flat, flicking my long hair all over the place. (We don't get on)
    Any advice on what to do would be appreciated. Especially on how to get strength back into the hair.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  8. Come back please

  9. I am very impressed with your inversion results! I may try this and document it on my blog.

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  13. Did you actually try this? I am interested to know how it went. Please post, I would love to hear about this method. I am finally breaking down and i am willing to try any and everything. I am 35 and struggling with my hair now, when I never have before. When I was younger I would brush my hair when it was wet, never wrap it, never put grease in it, blow dry it, dye it and everything and I just had long shiny hair regardless. After suffering some serious health problems, now my hair is static. I know its growing at the roots but it just is not moving very far past my shoulders in the front, its a little longer in the back... which is the way it has always grown in that pattern of longer in the back but, I am missing like 3-4 inches that I am used to having. It's so frustrating, so I finally broke down and started wrapping it at night (1 week into this) and using castor oil on my scalp, and I got a big tooth comb, and started deep conditioning. This is SO much work! I guess I will get used to this but, I just want to be sure that there will be results to all of this. I am looking for the "if you do this... your hair will most definitely gain some length"- argh!

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  15. This article is very useful I will tell my sister to read this blog. She was crazy earlier to grow her hair longer in short amount of days. Your techniques sound very useful for her. Keep sharing the tips. I want to add that consuming Gooseberry Juice daily promote hair growth. So add it to the tips.

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  18. Hello Dear Bassey Akon. I just commenced my natural hair growth this year. i last retouched my hair in June 2014 and cut off the permed side in April 2015. please assist with hair oil, diet and exercise that can make my hair grow. my target is my bra length. please assist. osarieme nigeria.

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  21. Another remedy is to apply 3-5 drops of rosemary oil in the shampoo you use and also helps to improve blood circulation.

  22. Can i do this if my hair is already relaxed?

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