Sunday 19 May 2013

Tailbone length... for 5 mins!

Hi Everyone,

Back in February I had a major setback due to neglect and relaxer burns which I discussed here. Since this setback I have been protective styling. This weekend, I finally braved it and decided to assess the damage and get a good trim so I went to Salon Tamika Bell. Tamika Bell is not your average stylist. She focuses on healthy hair makeovers, she spent a good hour just detangling my hair! She deep conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed... and I fell asleep! Now, that is trust. I NEVER fall asleep in a stylist's chair. I am usually awake, alert and ready to sprint out of the chair if I suspect any foul play! Anyway, when she was done, she combed down my hair and informed me that I was at tailbone length! Woo hoo! But not for long, the damage from my last relaxer was apparent in how thin my ends were. So she cut off about 4 inches. I definitely need to cut off more but we decided to do it gradually.

Tailbone length

Back to midback and still more inches to trim

If you happen to be in the Atlanta area stop by Salon Tamika Bell. With a portfolio like this, what's not to like.  See more of her healthy hair makeovers here

Now, if only I could bring her back to Lagos with me...

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Nice

  2. Wow despite your setback, your hair is still beautiful.

  3. Your hair is still fab.You are yet to reply my question on the healthiest product to use for roller setting.

    1. Oh sorry, I must've missed it. You can use a setting lotion like lotta body, just dilute down so your hair doesn't come out too stiff and break. I generally don't even use a setting lotion because I typically don't keep the curls. I wrap after setting for a straight look.

    2. Tanx dear,I am a huge fan and your hair journey is an inspiration.Frankly didn't know that black hair could grow to such lengths. I have seen a major improvement in my hair since I started following your blog. Keep up the good work

    3. Glad to hear that and you are welcome!

  4. Ur hair is so fab!!!!!
    Doesn't even look like u suffered a setback

  5. Sorry about your setback sis, but I am sure you will bounce right back. Your hair still looks amazing even after the chop.

    HOLD.THE.PHONE...she is in Atlanta?!?!?!?!?!? I have been looking for a stylist and I will most definitely be going in for a consultation. Thanks for the information!

  6. Thanks Adrienne!

    Yep girl, she is in Atlanta. Lol. You should definitely schedule a consultation with her. She is really good. Let me know how it goes. Cheers.

  7. my hair use to always have an easy time retaining length, but recently I've also learned how it feels to have to keep trimming because your hair isn't growing out evenly. it sucks!

    I don't mean to be rude, insult, or start an argument, but I see that length as hip rather than tailbone, at least that's how it looks from the picture. tailbone is my goal length and from my understanding tailbone is like, well, right above your butt... cr- split... I don't know how else to explain!

    your hair is very pretty though! I'm sure you'll regain your length in no time! ^^

  8. oh, I know how I could have explained it more appropriately, it's where your tail would grow out if humans had one. hip length on the other hand is where your hip/start of your leg bone starts. it gets confusing past waist length.

  9. Hello lushstrands, , you have such a lovely hair and thanks for creating a blog.
    I am ready to take up a journey to make my hair grow to my waist line, I now have records of my hair regime, and I have good products also.
    I have few questions for you.
    Q1 you grew your hair from your hair from your bra length to your waist line for 9 months, we're you on braids or weave doing this time?
    Q2 if yes on braid or weave how often do you take it off and treat the hair ?
    The reason I am asking is that I am always on braids and it grows my hair faster, so all I do is oil it , I don't wash my braid and I carry it for 2 months . So what advise do you have for me

  10. Uve got a wonderful hair...keep up the good work. Many hair experts advice those trying to grow their hair to stare clear of flat-ironing because it damages the hair. But how do I have a shiny and straight hair when I just retouch new growth leaving the previously relaxed part and I also don't flat-iron



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