Saturday 18 May 2013

Hair care for kids

With children's day right around the corner, I thought a post on how to care for our little ones' hair would be in order. Here goes:

1. Cleansing:
Depending on your lifestyle and the length and thickness of your daughters hair, you should plan to wash their hair once every week or two. When washing, focus on cleaning the scalp. The hair will get cleaned as the shampoo runs down the shaft when being rinsed out.


2. Conditioning:
Please do not skip this step and for those of you who have someone else wash and condition your kids' hair be sure to insist that this step is NOT skipped (I am stressing this because ALOT of kid hair braiders in Lagos do not understand the importance of conditioning!). Insist also that conditioner is applied lavishly not sparingly. This will help retain moisture and aid the next step: Detangling.

3. Detangle:
This is the step that is dreaded by lots of kids. The pulling, tugging, yanking etc. However, with the right products (moisturizing and detangling conditioner), the right technique (detangling in sections while saturated with conditioner) and the right tools (wide tooth comb, detangling brush) this step can be a lot easier that is often anticipated.

4. Styling:
Most mums opt for protective/low manipulation styles like twists, cornrows, buns etc for kids. This option is a lot easier on kids and parents as they do not have to deal with styling on a daily basis plus there are lots of cute styles to try out on your little one. It is also a good way to reduce manipulation and promote length retention.

Protective/Low manipulation style - cornrows

Length retention

5. Moisturizing:
This will not be a hair care post without me stressing the importance of moisturizing. Moisturize 3 to 5 times a week by lightly misting the hair with your favorite water based moisturizer. you can use a mixture of water and glycerin, water and aloe vera juice, a water based leave in conditioner, just water etc Apply some olive or coconut oil afterwards to seal in the moisture.

Spray bottle


It breaks my heart to see kids with damaged hairlines. Follow these steps to prevent this:

- Do not braid or cornrow too tight, too small or too heavy. Caution your daughters braider very strongly about this. Note that the effects of braiding hair too tight can be irreversible so it is IMPORTANT that we get this right!!!
- Do not brush edges aggressively. 
- Manipulate and detangle gently
- Moisturize. Remember that dry hair is brittle and more prone to breakage.

And lastly, I'll leave you with pictures of cutie pattooties from around the globe:

Their mama probably goes through a bottle of conditioner every  week!

Afro puffs to end all afro puffs

God bless the children

Locs anyone?

'Love'ly design

Beautiful Afro

Two strand twisted cutie

I'm cute and I know it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Peace, love and light!


  1. Nice post. . I love the girl with afro puffs

    1. Thanks. Yeah, with those wide innocent eyes, she is adorable.

  2. Bassey, many thanks for this. I was going to ask when you will post for our little cuties..i also use castor oil on the edges and her scalp like 4 times a week.Hope this is fine? then i must have missed the edition for adults about the daily moisturising....can we both use water,glycerine and olive oil?

    1. Regarding using castor oil 4 times a week for her, this is fine. Water, glycerine and olive oil for daily moisturizing and sealing is fine too. Cheers.

  3. aww! Gorgeous kids. their styles as well.


  4. Lovely posts. These kids are r
    cute with their full hair.

  5. I really like your blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. little kids hair have a similar regimen as adults.
    p.s, the stylist at the detangling stage should have held the childs hair at the roots, so you're not pulling the hair too much, and it's not too painful on the scalp.
    check out Discovering Natural's YT video on detangling kids hair

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