Sunday 28 April 2013

My hair today.... High bun and 1 inch of new growth.

Hi Everyone!

Today, I decided to take a break from my wigs so I moisturized my ends and put my hair up in a bun: My ends are safely tucked away. I haven't relaxed my hair since february so I have about an inch of new growth. This is my do for the week.

Remember you should keep manipulation to a minimum so even though I will be taking the bun down daily to moisturize and seal my ends, I will be very careful not to comb roughly (if I even comb at all ;).

The rules are to keep your ends protected and to keep manipulation to a minimum. That said, how are you wearing your hair for the week?



  1. Hello B. How're you doing. Hope your weekend went well. I commented in your March update on the hair growth challenge, no response yet from you though. I love and admire you and your hair.Thanks for this enlightening piece from you,i also retouched since February and I have this question what is the healthiest time between retouches second I will be wearing my hair in a bun, and didi (locally made conrow) at least for a week or two before attempting to retouch say around the end of may (is this ok?). I moisturise with pink oil and seal my ends with olive oil. Hope I am on the right track. Thanks love for your response and have a lovely week.

  2. Hi geemama,
    It is advisable to stretch your relaxers as much as possible so if you can limit the frequency to once every three months that would be great. However, once you start getting towards the end of the stretch try to wear more protective styles because hair that has a lot of new growth is prone to breakage around the line of demarcation where the relaxed hair and the new growth meet.

    Regarding your current routine, I don't recommend moisturizing with pink oil. You need a moisturizer that has either water or 'aqua' as the first ingredient on the list or you could just spritz your hair with water and then seal with oil.


  3. Hi Lush,
    I must say u look gorg in this photo.
    Anyways, i'm currently transitioning. Had my last relaxer treatment February. My hair isn't very long so i put it up in a sock bun or in cornrows.


    1. Aww, thanks for the compliment hun! Yeah, sock buns are so elegant yet easy to do. Hope your journey is going well.

  4. Pls say somthin abt hw 2 deal wiv receedin hairline, btw ur blog has been very helpful,thnks

  5. You look beautiful. Love the up do.

  6. Hi!!! i have been following your blog and i must confess it's exciting. I am participating in the hair growth challenge. I had my hair fixed(weave-on, after i had it removed, i almost wept cos i lost a whole lot of my hair...this happened after i washed it by tangled so hair pulled out as if i was on chemotherapy...gosh!!! it was so sad. What do i do to bring it back to life?

  7. Hi, love this look. But I can't believe u have 3 months new growth and u are able to pack it up that smoothly, mine would look so obvious and untidy, even after just two months of a relaxer application. i canot comb or style my hair after about eight weeks post retouch, its extremely painful and impossible to comb/manage even though my hair is not naturally very full or thick. What's the secret pls?

  8. Hi you inspired me to go natural and now i am 4months in. My hair is very thick and afro like, it gets annoying dou but i still love it. Please follow me

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