Tuesday 29 January 2013

Apparently, conditioner is good for the skin...

This morning, as I sat in bed on my laptop, replying to youtube comments and messages, my sister walks in, grabs my dove conditioner, squeezes generously onto her hand and proceeds to rub into her skin. Huh? The confused look on my face stopped her in her tracks. She lifted her hand to her face to smell the product, picked up the bottle and said "Omg, is this conditioner?" at the same time as I was yelling "That is conditioner!". Lol. Apparently, she had been coming to my room every morning while I was asleep and applying my dove conditioner to her skin, thinking it was lotion.  Hmm, this is why you should refrain from stealing... or at least read labels before using a new product.... especially when the product DOES NOT belong to you. On the bright side, according to her, it combatted the winter dryness and made her skin nice and supple, who knew? Let's hope it does the same when I get round to using it for my hair (which by the way, is what it was meant for ;). Well, now, she's gone back to using her good old Jergens body lotion, but at least we now know that if there is ever a lotion drought, Dove's "damage therapy" conditioner makes a good alternative.

I am super sorry that  I haven't posted in a while, I plan to change all that this year.  Recently, I have been struggling a lot with dryness and tangling and I'm currently trying to change my regimen to address this. I have been trying out different products in search for "the one" and this dove conditioner (Damage therapy) is one of the ones I picked up to try.

I haven't gotten round to using it yet but I plan to do so this week. I will be posting a review on it shortly. Lookout for it!



  1. Am really going to try it out on ma hair. I really love ur long tresses and would want mine to be that long.

  2. i just started reading your blog after i read about you on Bella naija. i am transitioning and plan to grow my hair hopefully to my waist like yours(may the lord be with me phew!)so did you try the conditioner on your skin?I won't do it just want to know what the results were.

    Keep the posts coming nice one.

  3. Nice information. I never believed conditioners to be good for skin. I used to drink Mangosteen Juice, eat health supplements for vitamin D, Magnesium etc for my skin. Thanks that you shared about conditioners. I'll try it out for sure.

    Lucas Moore

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