Wednesday 22 June 2011

How I apply my lace wig (Glueless)

Right now, lace wigs are my favorite protective styles. I mean I like weaves too, but I find lace wigs to be much easier to apply.I don't need to cornrow and sew, I just put the wig on and go. I don't use glue or any other adhesive. Another thing with wigs is that your whole hair is protected unlike with weaves where you
have to leave out some of your hair to cover the tracks. But don't get me wrong, weaves are definitely a good protective style option. Just be sure to give the exposed hair required tlc. When trying to blend your hair to the weave, avoid any damage by rollers setting or twisting and airdrying. For those who may be considering lace wigs as a protective style option, here is how I apply my lace wig without using any glue or adhesive.


  1. Wow, it looks so real. The one reason I was scared to try them is because I really didn't want to have to use glue on my hairline. But after seeing this video I am so going to try it.

    What kind of hair is it? Is it indian hair?

  2. I've never tried that before but I'll know what to do if I ever I want to :-) xoxoxoo

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this useful video. I really didn't want to use glue on my hairline. After seeing this video I am going to follow your tips of wearing wig without using glue. I've been wearing wigs for a very long time and prefer to buy it online from this store of Elevate Styles. Hope you will write again soon..

  4. This video is not showing again. Jst got my 1st wig & was hoping to learn something

  5. Thanks for sharing this post it's all information is really helpful for all users.

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