Monday 20 June 2011

Heat free styling - my first 'twist out'

So I'm on a quest to discover healthy new styles. Right now, I am staying clear of heat. No flat irons, no curling irons, no crimping heat! I figure if I want to wear my hair out any time soon, I'm going to have to come up with some heat free styles. And today, while watching the show 'Girlfriends' I am totally inspired by Tracee ellis ross' gorrrgeous curls. I imagine that one way to copy that look is with a twistout. I've never done it before but I am willing to try. I decide to try my hands at twist out... and here is the result.

Its not exactly like Tracee Ross' but I love it!

Here's the video on how I achieved this look.

I don't consider this a protective style because I am wearing my hair out and it is swinging and rubbing against my shoulder (friction and air can cause some dryness) but that's ok. I'm not that ocd! Wearing my hair
down once in a while wouldn't hurt. At least I didn't use heat. :-)


  1. Hello,
    I love your videos on youtube, and I've been watching them for a while. I have a question for you about silk tops. I know that your colors always match your skin really well, and I'm sure it' s because you dye them beautiful. My question is about bulkiness. Do you ever find that the silk tops are too bulky? (some people say things about two or three layers). Also, people mention a "line of demarcation" between the hairline and the beginning of the silk. Has this ever happened to you? How do you deal with it? I"m deciding whether or not silk tops are something that I'd like to try, and since yours are always so pretty, I thought I'd ask! :)

  2. Hi Thanks for watching my videos and sorry for replying sooo late...Yeah, the silk can sometimes can be bulky. I have had a bad experience with that and I returned the wig to the vendor. Mine are 2 layers and the fabric is very thin so its just as flat as full lace. The line of demarcation does happen if the silk and lace are not a perfect match to your skin but you can correct that by using some mineral powder or foundation in the line of demarcation to blend it into your skin. HTH

  3. Please whats the best products to use for my hair i have a relaxed hair and also can dye stop the hair from growing



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