Thursday 21 April 2011

Why your hair wont grow.....heat

I mentioned in my previous post that hair grows. Thats pretty much all it does. The big question isn't so much how to get your hair to grow as it is how to prevent breakage so that you retain the length that you have. While based on my research, improper combing is the biggest culprit, not far behind improper combing is... heat.

Too many of us succumb to the fiery plates of the flat iron. The truth is regardless of whether the plates are made ceramic/tourmaline/aluminum, regardless of whether you saturate your strands with heat protectants, the fact remains that frequently subjecting your hair to heat in excess of 250F will thwart your attempt at retaining length and achieve growth. There are better ways to get straight styles:

Roller set/doobie:
1. Wash and condition your hair
2. Apply the leave in of your choice.
3. Roll you hair in rollers of your choice (for a straight style, the bigger the rollers the better)
4. Sit under a hooded dryer
5. Once dry, take out the rollers, comb your hair and then wrap it around your head as shown below:

Watch my video on how to roller set your hair.


  1. Every time i have my hair without weaves or anything, i always wrap it before i go to bed tie a scarf over it and at times i put moisturizer at the root too didn't know it was a good thing tho, all i knew was it makes the hair soft and that was why i did it.

  2. Hi,
    Came across your blog on a friends FB page! Your hair looks amazing! I'm also on the growth journey but staying natural because my hair is pretty fine anyway. I hardly straighten my hair but sometimes have to use heat to tame the afro mop!! Just wondering if heat protector serums are any good. I'm using the John Freida heat protection serum. Is it still a complete no no??! Also have you tried the Naked products? Shampoo and Conditioner, the are apparently free of any baddies and relatively cheap.


  3. Wow! I just discovered your blog. And I just cut my hair last year june and it has been a painfully slow growth *phew**



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