Thursday 21 April 2011

Protective styles ....Lace wigs

Your hair is constantly growing. For those with relaxers, the fact that you have to touch up your roots every 6-8weeks tells you something: your hair is growing. So why has your hair been the same length for the past year (or more)?.. Breakage. Breakage from hair manipulation: heat, improper combing, poor detangling etc. This is were protective styles come in. Protective styles are styles that require very little manipulation and generally keep the hair protected from the elements (wind/air tends to dry out hair, friction against clothes fabric etc). Examples of protective styles are buns, cornrows/twists, wigs etc.

Protective styling is key if you are trying to grow your hair in the shortest amount of time.

I have recently purchased 2 lace wigs which I will be wearing as a protective style.

Light Yaki lace wig from

See the videos below:

I will be doing another video shortly on how I apply my lace wigs and how I condition and treat my hair while it is under the wig...


  1. I love the straight one. it looks so real. What kind of glue/adhesive do you use?

  2. Thanks! I don't use any glue/adhevise. I have a video on my youtube channel on how I apply my wig.
    Here's the link:

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love your hair & channel! Can you please do a tutorial on how you get your part to look so natural? Can display it more close up as well? I also wear lace wigs as a protective style. I have thinned out my part using scissors, but the knots remain and the part still looks a little dense. Please help!

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks a lot!

    Have you bleached the knots? One way to get rid of the knots is to bleach them. I actually mostly use silk tops because with silk tops the problem of knots showing doesn't arise as the knots are covered with the silk. However, here is a pretty good video on how to bleach knots:

    Also if the part is too dense then you can thin it out some more. Use thinning shears and just make sure to do it bit by bit until you are happy with it so that you don't overdo it.

    Let me know how it goes...

  5. I havent bleached the knots I've been too scared lol. I will try this. If you ever purchase a lace wig again, can you please do a tutorial on how you fix it up before you wear it? This would be very helpful. Thanks!

    1. Yes, sure I will. I actually just received a wig I ordered a while ago so I should have a tutorial up soon.

  6. I was still too scared to bleach the knots, but I did thin the part out more. It looks great thank you! Before you began your journey how long was your hair? What was the longest length you reached before your journey?

    1. The longest my hair got before I started my journey was shoulder length.

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