Sunday 17 March 2013

Weaveology 101 - Caring for your hair underneath a weave

Hi Ladies!

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If you are a weave wearer, there are a few things you have to do to make sure that when you take down your weave, your hair doesn't break off from being dry and brittle. To retain your length, you have to keep your hair moisturized and healthy underneath the weave. Here are some tips on how to care for your hair while wearing a weave.

Before and during weave installation:
1. Before installing your weave, make sure to wash and deep condition your hair
2. Installing your weave requires a bit of manipulation so have a conversation with your stylist about how they manipulate your hair. Make sure they are not ripping through your hair as they put in the cornrows and make sure that the cornrows are not too tight. You can make it easier on your stylist by ensuring that your hair is well detangled before going to the salon, that way it's easier for her to manipulate without causing any breakage.
3. Do not use glue. It is difficult to remove and will prevent you from caring for your hair adequately while wearing the weave. Sew ins are a healthier option.

After installing the weave:
Moisturize at least 3 times a week:
1. Put your moisturizer (glycerin and water or a water based leave in or aloe vera juice and water or just plain ol water... whatever works for you) in a spray bottle, lift the weave and spray unto the cornrows
2. Put some oil of your choice in an applicator or spray bottle and spritz some unto your hair to seal in the moisture

Clean and condition:
Wash and condition your hair every week or two
1. Mix your shampoo with water, put in a spray bottle or applicator, lift the weave and apply the shampoo mixture to your scalp
2. Massage your scalp
3. Rinse thoroughly
4. Mix your conditioner with water, put in a spray bottle or applicator, lift the weave and apply the conditioner mixture to your hair
5. Leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes
6. Rinse thoroughly
7. To blend your leave out with the weave, opt to roller set if possible rather than flat ironing. If your weave is curly you can set your leave out with small rollers or even straws depending on how tight a curl you want (this is better than using direct heat: flatirons/hot combs/curling irons on your hair).

After taking the weave out:
1. After removing the weave, loosen your cornrows, detangle carefully with your fingers and pull out the shed hairs.
2. Detangle using your fingers only, don't comb your hair with a comb until it is washed and saturated with conditioner
3. After finger detangling, wash, apply condition and comb through
4. Apply a protein treatment to help strengthen your hair
3. Wait at least a week to get your relaxer (if you are relaxed)

I know it sounds like a lot but it really isn't. It'll take you less than 10mins to moisturize daily - Ok maybe a little more but not that much. If shampooing every week doesn't work for you, you can adjust to 2 weeks or more but make sure that you are moisturizing and sealing frequently.

So that's it! Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions or if you have any additional tips on caring for your hair while wearing a weave.



  1. thanx for all these helpful tips.
    how do i follow you on blogger

    1. Hi Doris,
      Thanks for asking! To follow me just click on the "join this site" button under "followers". You should see it to the right side of your screen.

  2. Thanks Bassey but i am a little bit confused about the shampooing and conditioning and rinsing out part when u are on weave? i carry my weave max 3-4 weeks though i leave it dry and i now understand the need to moisturise even when with weave but the step 5,6 and 7 is a bit confusing as not everyone can afford the expensive human hair..what do people with inexpensive weave do as washing might be a no no?(cos it might just tangle and turn to dada(laughing)

    1. alot of non-luxury brand hair ( i.e non Brazilian , Peruvian & co )can actually be washed
      i use sensational and milky way and its fine when I wash it

    2. Yea, I second Bunmi on that question.
      Also, Bassey, I was wondering if one can use cotton wool (dipped into d shampoo and conditioner) to clean d scalp underneath the weave instead of washing out the whole hair?

    3. I tend to agree with Nikky here. Most non-luxury brands can be washed. In fact a lot of them come with product residue on them so it is recommended that you co wash them (no shampoo, just rinse apply conditioner and rinse again) before using them. In my experience they actually look fuller and softer after co washing. I found that the product residue made the strands stick together and the hair appear thinner, once I co washed I could get away with using only one pack instead of two because it would look so full. By the way, I am referring to the inexpensive human hair products (premium, sensational etc) not synthetic hair. For synthetic hair, I don't think you can wet it so I suppose you can just moisturize and oil your cornrows daily and wash your hair when you take out the weave which I imagine you will not leave in for too long seeing as synthetic hair frays and tangles quite easily.

  3. when mixing water and glycerine, how do you measure the quantity of both?

  4. thanks, I can already see improvement in my hair growth. I'm one of the lucky few whose hair grows quickly. but not maintaining and taking care of the hair makes it break quickly. I have been at shoulder length for a while, my target in the next 4 months is bra length.

  5. Hi hi, thanks on the amazing/helpful tips. I am still yet to get a reply on the right type of glycerin to use. When I went on a search for glycerin all I saw was glycerin and rosewater. Could u please put up a picture of the recommended Type. Thank u so much

    1. she already answered this is a past post

      pure glycerin or vegetable glycerin
      rosewater is mostly for the cleaning the skin/face......not for hair

  6. For how many minutes do we leave the protein conditioner,and do we need to tuck in the end of the hair during the week before relaxing..

  7. Please what does the combination of egg and olive does to the hair?Is some sort of protein treatment?

  8. I could go on about healthy diet and healthy life style but I take you all for intelligent people. Smoking, drinking doing drugs… you know what I mean.


  9. err Bassey arent we due for a new post by now?
    abeg no flop oh or has the novelty wore off off already lol

    it will be useful to do a post on readers questions

  10. Hi B, I just took out my weave but I don't have the patience to wait a whole week before I get a relaxer. Would it be bad for my hair if I got a relaxer seeing that I had the weave in for like 2 months?

  11. Hello Bassey, i took off my weave today after 4weeks. I noticed the shed hair is more than i ever experienced. I made sure i moisturized my hair all along so then what could be?

    1. its perfectly normal to shed some hair after taking out a weave.

  12. These are great tips. Weave hair style is a trend nowadays, and I would like to try it sometimes. But I heard so many things about it like your hair might break or damaged after you remove the weave. After reading this, I guess having a great stylist on your side and DIY hair treatment are must-haves to have a glamorous hair weave without the fear of damaging our hair. Thanks for sharing. #Wilma_Parker @

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